2020 Jiangsu Export Online Fair (Power & New Energy Station)


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Company Profile

China Electronics System Engineering No.2 Construction Co.,Ltd.

  • Main Products:

    Cleanroom Related Materials and Equipment; Water Treatment Materials and Equipment; The high tech factory construction for Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display, Food and Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Scientific Research Institutes, New Energy, Industrial Environmental Protection, Intelligent Business and other Fields

  • Location:

    No.88,Juqu Road,Xinwu District,Wuxi,Jiangsu Province,China.

  • Official Website

China Electronics System Engineering No.2 Construction Co.,Ltd (CESE2 ), a large Chinese state-owned enterprise , established in 1953, and with headquarter office in Wuxi, China. We are part of China Electronic Corporation(CEC), one of the world top five hundred enterprises.

We take the lead in engineering and construction of high-tech factories, especially in advanced cleaning system engineering technology. 

We provide engineering and construction service in, including but not limited to, Integrated Circuit (IC), Flat Panel Display (FPD), Pharmaceutical & Food, Health & Care, New Energy, Machinery, Data Center,etc. 

We are a global solution provider of professional clean room & HVAC, environmental & pollution facilities, and automation & control systems. 

We undertake EPC and various specialty contracts in architectural engineering and construction, such as trade, engineering consultation & design, project management, equipment procurement, installation, facility operation and maintenance etc. 

We  have factories for support our trading business, like light, cable, diesel generator, construction materials and equipment to form a supply chain.

We  also has a Thai company, one of subsidiary corporations.

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China Electronics System Engineering No.2 Construction Co.,Ltd.